Venture Analysis.jpgWelcome to the Venture Analysis Page!

Below are a number of venture analyses to give us a better understanding of what self-guided learning ventures are and what their use and development means for the future of education.

Do you have a self-guided learning venture that you would like to share with the class? We have created a separate venture analysis page for you to share your ventures that is open for anyone to edit! You may present the venture how you like (bullet points, prezi, YouTube) and according to the criteria that you feel is important. If you would like some suggestions, you can consider any of the following in your evaluation:

  • Does the venture provide the essential elements of self-guided learning as suggested by Hanor & Hayden (2004).
  • Is the learning open to all or are there costs involved for the learner? Are costs manageable for global markets or specific for North American locations?
  • A reflection of the role this self-guided learning technology plays in your own teaching and learning context.

For each venture analysis shared below, there is a response to complete on a POLL question (to the right of each venture). Once you have responded, you can close the window/tab to return to this page.

Assessment of Continuing Education.jpg

There are two websites that I find very helpful in completing my Continuing Education Units on my own terms and at my own pace through Self-Guided Continuing Education Poll Icon.jpgLearning. rxBriefCase and Canadian Healthcare Network both provide educational materials for free. Both sites offer assessments and maintain a record of my progress. Canadian Healthcare Network is a product of Rogers Media Publishing which appears to rely heavily on advertising to be able to provide print/text based learning resources sponsored mainly by pharmaceutical companies to various healthcare professionals. rxBriefCase offers services and materials only to pharmacy professionals but in more creative ways using video and case based, interactive lessons which appeal to many different learning styles. This site is provided and maintained by pharmacy professionals. This and the absence of advertising increase the credibility of this site. To find out which site I think is worth investing in and why see our Venture Pitch activity.

Assessment of Lynda 2.jpg Poll Icon.jpg

Assessment of Live Mocha.jpg's motto is "Creating a World without Barriers" and they are truly aiming to achieve this. They provide language instruction through a number of different facets and levels, offering courses in 38 languages with native-language speaking tutors in each language. Learners encounter different activity Live Mocha Poll Icon.jpgtypes, each representing a building block in a learning model which LiveMocha calls the "whole-part-whole" model.

Once LiveMocha's placement test finds your starting level, the learner is able to proceed at their own pace. The program contains over 70 progressive lessons, which are repeatable, and a learner is able to practice with native English speakers within their global online community of over 14 million people.

Assessment of Opening the Book.jpg

Opening the Book Poll Icon.jpgOpening the Book Ltd provides library designs, installations, websites and staff training. This company builds its training sessions through detailed testing and prototyping, ensuring the final product is both high quality and appropriate to the task. Its main online self-guided learning is the "eLearning for librarians," an interactive course that offers a dynamic learning experience which brings new reader-centred approaches to library practice. The course aims to re-frame the traditional collection-based approach to delivering library services in order to enrich the library experience for customers.