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Self-Guided Learning Readiness Questionnaire

In 1977, Dr. Lucy M. Guglielmino created the Self-Directed Learning Readiness (SDLRS) Scale, and it is still in use today. You can visit the website about the scale here. Below you will find the types of questions that are featured in this SDLRS. Using the scale below, assign a rating to each of the questions to see how 'ready' you are as a self-directed learner!

1 = Almost never true of me; I hardly ever feel this way.
2 = Not often true of me; I feel this way less than half the time.
3 = Sometimes true of me; I feel this way about half the time.
4 = Usually true of me; I feel this way more than half the time.
5 = Almost always true of me; there are very few times when I don't feel this way.

I'm looking forward to learning as long as I'm living.
I know what I want to learn.
When I see something that I don't understand, I stay away from it.
If there is something I want to learn, I can figure out a way to learn it.
I love to learn.
It takes me a while to get started on new projects.
In a classroom situation, I expect the instructor to tell all class members exactly what to do at all times.
I believe that thinking about who you are, where you are, and where you are going should be a major part of every person's education.
I don't work very well on my own.
If I discover a need for information that I don't have, I know where to go to get it.
I can learn things on my own better than most people.
Even if I have a great idea, I can't seem to develop a plan for making it work.
In a learning experience, I prefer to take part in deciding what will be learned and how.
Difficult study doesn't bother me if I'm interested in something.
No one but me is truly responsible for what I learn.
I can tell whether I'm learning something well or not.
There are so many things I want to learn that I wish there were more hours in a day.
If there is something I have decided to learn, I can find time for it, no matter how busy I am.
Understanding what I read is a problem for me.

How ready are you?

Gerald Grow (1991) came up with the following chart to help determine where you fit on the self-guided learning path. What stage are you currently at?


Please join our voice thread to discuss where you fit on Grow's chart above and how you feel about your readiness to be a self-guided learner!

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