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Want to get to know the Week 11 - Self-Guided Learning Team? Take a look at our introductions below. Our focus for these introductions is our personal metaphor, perspective or story relating to self-guided learning.

Allan Cho
I am a librarian at a higher academic institution. In my position, I provide virtual and in-person reference and information services at the University`s library help desk. I design and deliver programs and services to support a variety of learners and instructors. Using the website, I conduct integration of new tools such as social software applications as well as other virtual resources and services to support a broad range of users in the online environment of the library.

E Danielle Norris

I am in EFL teacher and I'm currently teaching at a college in the UAE. I am originally from beautiful British Columbia but I have been teaching my way around the world in an effort to see and experience as much as I possibly can! I've always considered myself to be a self-guided learner but for only as long as the learning experience captivates my interest. Like many of my students, I am easily distracted and I therefore will only continue to participate in self-guided learning experiences that offer me the opportunity to assess my learning needs, set goals, and evaluate my learning as I move along. I have also found that self-guided learning environments need to be relevant and offer opportunities for reflection and critical thinking. A self-guided learning venture that offers all of these things and more would certainly be one that is worth investing in my students’ and my time in.

Helen DeWaard

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8.1.jpgMy self-guided learning metaphor is that of an intrepid explorer. Exploring your own learning landscape is a life long adventure. It's important to prepare for the journey. Once prepared, just begin! Jump in, dive off, start your engine or cast off. Take the journey incrementally. It doesn't all happen at once. Take each step and learn along the way. Review at the end of each portion of the trip and check the map to make sure you're still on course or following the planned route. Finally, keep the end of the journey in sight. Goal driven learning makes the trip manageable and enjoyable.

Jody McKinnon

Hello everyone. I have been teaching since 1996 when I graduated from the University of Manitoba. I taught in Manitoba for 6 years then came out to Ontario where I've been for the last 10 years in the same school. This fall I am moving to a new school. I've been involved with e-learning since 2002 when I worked for TVOntario's Ask a Teacher homework helpsite. I've also worked at since 2009 as a virtual teacher and course writer. The students I work with here are the ultimate in self-directed learners. The courses are set up to be tackled at your own pace. No deadlines are set and students move through as quickly or slowly as they would like.

I'm also currently writing a new text / e-text for Geography. I've been a self-directed learner for as long as I can remember. As I child, I think I memorized much of my grandparent's Funk and Wagnalls. Before I was a teacher, I completed many 'courses' through the HBC's self-directed learning program. They wanted me to be a manager, but teaching was my calling. But for me, I think I learn the most by immersing myself in self-guided learning when I travel. See my comic for some of my travels :-)

In the end, self-directed learning and the concept of life long learning is one that I value highly.

Ronna Hoglund

I teach in a professional program at a community college. I also work part time in my profession as a Registered Pharmacy Technician. Besides working in the field, another condition of maintaining my license is to complete an unspecified number of Continuing Education Units every year. The Ontario College of Pharmacists leaves it entirely up to me how many units to attain as well as how and where to get them. Because I am a visual learner and the fact that I have very little free time, I prefer to complete lessons online rather than attend conferences although I sometimes do that too. This is the epitome of Self-Guided Learning. I also strongly encourage my students to be Self-Guided Learners since they will be facing the same situation upon graduation and after becoming a part of the regulated profession. I do this by introducing them to the (free!) websites that I know of that conveniently provide lessons and assessments in a self-paced environment. A record of individual achievement is also maintained and easily retrievable from each site.

Todd Powell

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My "teaching" career has taken me all of the map, from being the Recreational Coordinator and personal trainer at Victoria, BC's YMCA, to being school district nutrition presenter and finally to where I am now, a teacher.

I currently teach online course through our districts Distance Learning school, and English, Psychology and Leadership courses within a 9-12 high school. Being a part of my school district's educational technology "team", I am always looking to bring in educational technology to engage my students. This couples nicely with my philosophy about bringing relevancy into the classroom and fully engaging my students. That doesn't leave any room for information "spoon-feeding" which I have realized that most students are used to. Enter self-guided learning! Students these days need to learn what it means to be intrinsically-motivated, self-reflective, accountable and responsible. This seems to be a little easier for the adults whom I have worked with online, because they are able to recognize the positive attributes that self-guided learning imbues. But for teenagers..... Phew!! It's like trying to herd cats! "Mr. Powell, how do you use an encyclopedia?" Oh, boy!