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Over 90% of adults around the world will engage in at least one self-initiated learning task each year. A 2010 Ambient Report on self-paced learning indicates that learning products such as packaged content, content development, hosted services, authoring software and installed learning platforms will be in high demand in several strategic markets around the world. The Ambient Report notes that educational policies drive or hinder the adoption of self-paced learning.

Considerations for what drives an individual to learn is an important factor when investigating ventures in self-guided learning.

These factors, based on Mezirow's ten phases of transformational learning, include
  • locus of control
  • motivation
  • self improvement

D.Pink.Drive.pngMotivation is a critical element in self-guided learning models. Daniel Pink, in his book Drive elaborates on what motivates us.

He identifies autonomy, mastery and purpose as important factors.
These apply to learning and self-guided education as well as ventures in this learning marketplace.
Watch this RSA Animate video clip to learn more about his theory.

Self direction indicates a need for ownership of learning goals and decisions.
Lee and Gibson (2003) outline three dimensions: control, critical reflection and responsibility.
  • Control - a process of continuous negotiation with content, instructors and/or others where the learner selects the experiences, responses and knowledge learned
  • Critical reflection - ability to rethink, revise and refer back
  • Responsibility - the learner has an active mindset, willingness to work at learning tasks, asks questions and seeks clarification

There is ongoing deliberation about the terms relating to self-guided learning so the next step in your self-guided learning and your understanding of concepts as they apply to learning ventures is to investigate related terms and how they apply to learning. Connect to the Terms and Definitions page here.

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