Welcome to Week 11: Self-Guided Learning Ventures!
We have an exciting week planned with activities, discussions and venture analyses to help us further our understanding of self-guided learning. We suggest you browse through the entire site (by clicking on the icons below or using the navigation menu on the right) to get an idea of what we have planned. You can then go back and work your way through the activities which have been summarized on the activities page. We suggest aiming to complete at least two of the activities throughout the week.


  • To gain a better understanding of self-guided learning
  • To creatively explore, share and discuss self-guided learning ventures from an EVA perspective
  • To share personal reflections on the role self-guided learning technologies play in our own teaching and learning contexts

Before we get started, ask yourself, "am I ready to be a self-guided learner?" Not sure if you are ready? Click here to find out!

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