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  • Discussion #1: Looking at the Terms & Definitions for a better understanding of Self-Guided Learning (SGL) which terms resonate with you? How do you engage in SGL in your teaching and personal learning?
  • Discussion #2: How do you envision the future of Self-Guided Learning (primary/secondary/post-secondary education)? In what areas of education do you think SGL presents a promising venture opportunity?
  • Discussion #3: After taking a look at the Benefits and Issues, what issues have you encountered that prevented you from engaging in SGL? How has technology helped you in participating in SGL? Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

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Discussion Topic #2 daniellenorris daniellenorris 46 745 Jul 23, 2012 by Luaibi Luaibi
Discussion Topic #3 daniellenorris daniellenorris 24 392 Jul 23, 2012 by daniANDkeeg daniANDkeeg
Discussion Topic #1 daniellenorris daniellenorris 36 482 Jul 22, 2012 by dmcinnes dmcinnes